"MickONeills" is the first Irish pub in Ukraine, founded in far 1997. The pub is located in the heart of Odessa, on the famous Deribasovskaya street. More than 20 years of existence, the traditions of Irish fun and Ukrainian hospitality have mixed up here - that's why we are happy to meet with both Odessa citizens and foreign visitors.What is the secret of the pub's popularity? It is simple: here guests are greeted with cordial hospitality and delicious dishes of traditional Irish, classical European and exotic Japanese cuisines. "MickONeills" is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is therefore ideal for breakfast before work, a business lunch with colleagues and a pint of excellent dark beer "Guiness" in the evening with friends. For the Irish pride of the pub answer 10 varieties of brand beer and 9 varieties of whiskey - because without these drinks in Ireland, no holiday or meeting takes place!

But a good pub is not only first-class alcohol and excellent food. It is also an atmosphere of fun, goodwill and affability. It is successfully supported by our staff, which provides a warm welcome to every visitor without exception. On weekends, the atmosphere of pleasant communication is supplemented by live music.

They come to us during the broadcast of sports events, to cheer for their team with friends over a glass of cold beer. Sports, we look at large screens that are located throughout the institution so that visitors can easily see what's happening on the screen from anywhere in the institution. The most inveterate fans follow the course of sports events on the second floor - there is the largest screen, which is already fond of all the guests of the pub.

Our doors are open for you around the clock and we are always glad to guests. Come - you are sure that you will have a shower here!



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